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Santac roof 6 · 7 tape and accessory materials
Fire is unnecessary. There is no need to use organic solvent such as primer, so it is safe without pollution
Paste is easy. You can easily make it by just peeling the release paper and wrapping the tape and the sheet, and it can be done easily because the pasting is easy. Also, because the workers' dirt and burden are small, the construction period can be shortened considerably.

You can paste it on a complicated fitting. Since the reinforced rubber sheet is flexible, strongly elongated type, it is a non-vulcanized rubber sheet which is easy to relax stress, the adhesion of the lap part is good, it fits the concavities and convexes, it can be applied to complicated shapes.
It has excellent adhesion. Since the adhesive layer is a strongly adhesive type containing self-adhesive butyl rubber as a main component, it does not need a primer, it closely adheres to steel surface · asphalt jute surface · polyethylene lining surface ·.
Features It is excellent in corrosion protection. The sheet is excellent in insulation resistance, chemical resistance and watertightness, the adhesive layer is strongly adhered and adheres well to the adherend well and completely blocks the metal body from the external corrosive environment, so it is excellent in corrosion protection I will.

Santac roof 6.7 tape is a laminated anticorrosion rubber tape made of a non-vulcanized rubber sheet (0.6 mm thick) mainly composed of butyl non- rubber and a strongly adhesive type adhesive layer (0.7 mm thick) mainly composed of butyl rubber is. It is also used as a protective tape when using a metal tape, as a corrosion prevention tape.

Different diameter part, decided version of complex joint · repair and corrosion prevention material
Anti-corrosive rubber tape for piping construction and repair work of small-diameter steel pipes / complex fittings