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Work is easy. As the joint sleeve and tightening band are fixed at factory shipping per each opening, they are set at the flange joint and can be easily built by tightening band and double ended rolling and tightening.

Impact resistance is excellent. Compared with polyethylene sleeves, the rubber sheet is thick and flexible, so the sheet will not be damaged by soil pressure.

It is excellent in corrosion protection. Sheet is a flexible rubber sheet containing butyl rubber as a main ingredient, excellent in insulation resistance, chemical resistance and watertightness, set at the cast iron pipe flange joint, strongly tighten both ends with tightening band, After burying in the soil, the rubber sheet fits and adheres to the cast iron pipe flange joint due to earth pressure, so that the cast iron tube flange joint part is isolated from the corrosive environment of the soil and it exhibits corrosion protection function.

Santac Anticorrosive Rubber WH-1000 is a cylindrical sheet (joint sleeve type) endless-processed with a non-vulcanized rubber sheet (1.5 mm thick) based on butyl rubber with excellent airtightness and watertightness . Just by setting it at the flange joint and winding both ends with the tightening band, excellent corrosion protection function is demonstrated.

Rubber sheet can be rolled up and corrosion can be prevented with easy operation
Santac anticorrosive rubber WH-1000
Anticorrosive rubber sheet for cast iron pipe flange joint