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Mitsubishi UFJ

Osaka West Branch
Itachibori Branch
Osaka Branch
Umeda Kitaguchi branch

Established in March 1968, with a capital of 1 million yen.Started sales of anti-corrosive rubber materials and plastic products in general After that, the increase in capital, March 1968, capital 10 million yen Today, from the development of special corrosion resistant rubber plate, it is used as corrosion prevention of underground buried pipe, main piping of gas pipeline, water supply, oil, electric power, use range of food protection material In recent years, the diffusion of weatherable color rubber sheets has progressed in piping of exposure nationwide, such as gas, water, power, factory piping and so on. Insulation support (GA - S type) is drawing attention nationwide.
In the rubber resin division, we focus on product development, such as processed goods, molded products, and composite materials, as a department of factory supplies, and develop new technologies along with the anti-corrosion division to promote sales expansion

Representative Director and President
Tadaharu Kurono

epresentative Director Vice President
Hiroshi Kurono

Senior Managing Director 
Tetsuya Kurono

3-4-9 Edobori Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi

¥ 10,000,000

Showa 49 (1974) March 15

Business content
Rubber-related · Anticorrosive ma
terials · Plastic products · Resin products · Road tools complete


company name
Tajima Bussan Co., Ltd.