Protective Tape
Metal Tape
Corrsion hole
Thin Film Tape

Fire is unnecessary. It is safe because it does not use fire to repair gas leakage points.

It is excellent in pressure resistance and impact resistance. Since it is a combination method of various materials including lead plate, it demonstrates strong resistance against external impact, earth pressure, internal pressure.

You can wrap around the complex part. Because metal tape uses lead plate as reinforcement material of corroded part, it adapts to socket · thread part, complicated fitting. In addition, since the reinforced rubber sheet of Santac roof 6.7 tape is an unvulcanized rubber sheet having flexibility that is easily stress-relaxed, it has good adhesion of the lap portion, fits the concavities and convexes, and easily wraps a complicated portion be able to.
It is excellent in corrosion prevention. Metal tape, Santac roof 6.7 tape is excellent in insulation resistance, chemical resistance and waterproofing, the adhesive layer is strongly adhered to the corroded part, after cutting off the gas piping from the external corrosive environment, the corrosion resistance It is excellent.

Metal tape is a laminated tape of a lead plate (0.3 mm) excellent in tear resistance and processing deformability and a sticky layer (0.8 mm) of a strong adhesion type mainly composed of butyl rubber.Peel off the release paper, cover the corrosion hole part, wind up with anti-corrosive tape, prevent gas leak easily with protective tape.

Innovative gas leak repair material
Metal tape
Gas tube corrosion repair tape of low pressure branch pipe for gas pipe

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