State of steel pipe after 4 years immersion in water
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Fire is unnecessary. Like a shrink tube, because it does not require fire, there is no need to use an organic solvent such as pluimer, so it is safe product without pollution.
Construction is easy. Since sheets are cutting at the factory according to each caliber, they are cut into a standard size (straight pipe,sleeve part, central), so it can be applied to the curve pipe and cheese pipe , peel off the release paper on site be done easily by tightening and does not require a profession.

It is excellent in impact resistance. Since the sheet is a laminated sheet of a vulcanized rubber sheet and an adhesive layer, it is strong against an external shock

It has excellent adhesion. Since the adhesive layer is a strong adhesion type mainly composed of butyl rubber with self-welding property, it does not need a primer, it closely adheres to the steel surface · polyethylene lining surface · self-back side etc etc.

Features It is excellent in corrosion protection. The sheet is excellent in insulation resistance, chemical resistance and watertightness, the adhesive layer is thick and strongly adhered, it adheres well to the adherend well and completely blocks the steel pipe from the corrosive environment of the soil, so it is anticorrosive Excellent

SANTAC ROOF GH-8000 and accessory aterials

Santac Roof GH - 8000 is a laminated corrosion - resistant rubber (thickness:0.8 mm), butyl rubber and EPDM as main components, strong adhesive An adhesive layer (thickness: 1.7 mm) containing butyl rubber as a main component and having a thickness of 1 mm,
That is a seat. Excellent corrosion protection function is demonstrated easily.Release the release paper and paste it.

Boasting abundant corrosion protection performance in gas piping.
gas steel pipe outer surface sfield weld anti corrosive rubber sheet